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Available Shrimps & Fishes

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  • Product Type:Fish
  • Style:Frozen
  • Processing Type:Boneless


We can supply you following items -

1. Shrimps - HLBT, HL White, HL Flower, BT peeled, PUD, PUD BT, HL SO BT, HLSO Easy peel BT (IQF), HL Pink, PUD (IQF), PUD Blanched (IQF), H on SO BT, H on BT etc.

2. Frozen Fish- Silver Pomfret, Black Pomfret, Chinese Pomfret, Coral Trout GG, Ribbon Fish - W / A Grade, Kati Fish, Croaker, HO leather jacket / Whole, Tiger tooth Coraker WR, Pearl soft, Scale off & gutted (IQF), Indian Mackeral, Reef Cod gutted and scale off, King Fish Steaks etc.

3. Cuttle fish - WC, Block WC, WC (IQF), WR,

4. Squid - Whole, WR, Tentacles.

5. Live - Lobster, Baigai, Baigai, Mud Crab.

6. Octopus - Gutted.

7. Others - Baby Blanched (IQF), Sand lobster, Ornamental Fish.

Kindly inform which products you are interested in with grades and quantity, I will send you the best prices for those items.

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